Our Mission:

We are on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs build valuable and scalable businesses capable of living up to their unique purpose, cause, or passion.

Created & Led by Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Jason Skeesick


Jason Skeesick is a US Army veteran, coach, entrepreneur, and Dynasty Builder. 

He is a father, husband, fighter, and carrier of heavy things. 

He has built several businesses, each with strong teams and tribal communities.

His company Spear and Clover helps entrepreneurs who have gotten as far as they can by themselves. They have put in hard work, overcome obstacles, and learned to wear all of the “hats”, yet still somehow can't seem to take it to the next level.

He helps passionate entrepreneurs create Dynasty Organizations, built around them, but not reliant upon them. 

He leads The Spear and Clover Mastermind, a large group of like minded entrepreneurs united in helping each other and challenging each other to grow in order to make an impact on the world.

You can find Jason hosting the weekly Spear and Clover Podcast available on Youtube and across all audio platforms.



Created & Led by Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Jason Skeesick

Spear & Clover specializes in helping businesses with good leaders, talented teams, and solid playbooks finally become the Dynasty Organization they were meant to be.

Built from his unique experience in various industries, Spear & Clover connects visionary entrepreneurs with those who have walked the path before them and know what it takes to succeed.

It is our vision to combine passion and curiosity to alchemize the two into an entity that can guide us on our path into the darkest depths of our current unknowns as we seek to create our dreams into our realities.

Spear & Clover Explained

One day I was ruck marching 11 miles through the sand dunes where I live accompanied by my two Australian Shepherds Ruby and Pearl. I had a 40# pack on my back and a 40# log on my shoulder and I was HOOFING. 

I was completely focused on the task at hand and determined to push as hard as I could to get where I wanted to go. 

Meanwhile, my dogs were having the time of their lives! They would run out into the woods, tumble around, and come back to check on me. Over and over again they were running off to play and coming back, all while easily keeping up with me. 

At that moment it occurred to me that at my BEST this is how I go through life. Pushing HARD to achieve my goals no matter what stands in my way, but at the same time remaining playful, pursuing my passions, and open to exciting new things that come my way. 

This was when Spear and Clover was born. 

The Spear and Clover symbol represents the combination of two core values that have given me balance in my life and business. 

The Spear represents Military Mindset. Discipline, duty, hard work, and focus on the task at hand. 

The Clover Loop represents The Spirit of the Puppy. Playful, friendly, excited to meet new people, learn new things and go on adventures. 

This may not be the path for EVERYONE, but I and many others I know have benefited immensely from this approach to working hard to achieve goals while being sure to live a full and happy life along the way!

Most entrepreneurs are great at the grind and hustle.
They're the "Force of Nature" required to turn an a great idea into a business...

While this may get them to $500k/yr or, if they're lucky, the low 7-figures, eventually they hit a wall.

But then it breaks - either themselves or the business.

Like an All-Star player with no support, they simply can't carry their team any further on their own.

This is why Spear and Clover exists. To help entrepreneurs build the clear and unshakable Foundation they need to deliver undeniable value. Then to help them turn-up the volume on their impact with Frameworks proven to scale without breaking down.

If you are building a truly great business and want to be able to build lasting momentum and growth without wearing all-the-hats forever, we can help.

If you are just starting out, we offer free courses, live training, community, and podcasts.

If you are in momentum, but can see a brick wall coming... we offer personalized private programs designed to help you to break through to the next level.

Either way, we look forward to helping you build your very own DYNASTY!

- Jason Skeesick

Founder; Spear and Clover